1.How to burn in headphones?
Answer:About burn in headphones,professional moving coil headphones only need to be used regularly,no need to deliberately use the specified music time to play,the headphones themselves are high-quality audio products that reach customers'hands.Be careful not to listen to music for as long as possible,take care of headphones and your ears at the same time!

2.Why is the volume of left and right headphones unbalanced?
Answer:Every matched headphone passed the test,if there is a volume imbalance,please use the following methods to deal with and investigate the causes:1.Contrast listening with left and right headphones(elimination of hearing errors caused by subjective reasons);2.Wire for left and right headphones(Eliminate deviation due to wire rod);3.Contact Official Wechat Customer Service

3.Which styles of music is suitable for earphones?
Answer:Headphone brand based on studio background,we don't want to do too much directional processing to the product's sense of hearing.On the whole,we will try to adjust the style of monitoring,I hope no matter what kind of music style I listen to,can better convey the author's voice.