Tipsy Once again, Dunmer's whole department appear

Tipsy Artists Gather Young People's Perceptions
To explore the boundaries of creation

New color Dummer series
It is the perfect opportunity for the interaction of hearing and vision.
Non-stop Exploration and Adventure
Only for this moment can you feel me with your eyes and ears

Explore DUNMER PRO Color matching


Explore DUNMER PRO Color matching


Explore DUNMER PRO Color matching


The above three sections are DUNMER PRO
Professional 3-unit coil iron hybrid earphone
Price PRICE: 1299

Forget the look and sound of the headphones in your memory.
The bold colors used by Tipsy artists
Let life's explorers rush to control DUNMER PRO

Tipsy of Stage Monitor Headphone Origin Deconstructs and Restructures Sound
Let PRO's voice style show a full line sound field is particularly good.
Three colours, wait for you to control

Explore DUNMER S Color matching


Explore DUNMER S Color matching

The above two are DUNMER S
Professional Moving Coil Earphone
Price PRICE: 999

The Balance and Breakthrough of DUNMER S between Technology and Price
For the first time, you feel that music can be "serious" to "play"
Pure Handmade Texture and Sao Qi Colour Matching

It is absolutely possible for young people who consider themselves as "buddhist" but criticize themselves to be addicted to it.
DUNMER S is the group of people who are unwilling to be ordinary in their hearts.
You wear it. It's responsible for satisfying your ambition.

Explore DUNMEColor matching


This paragraph is DUNMER
Professional Moving Coil Earphone
Price PRICE: 799

Perfect Combination of Black Fuselage and Carbon Fiber Hardware Fittings
Achieved the inspiration seed of DUNMER in the night

Lightly customized headphones give you the pleasure of entering the ear on the high street
Universal Black is the best commentary on the depth
Add something for your early autumn

Series packaging

Welfare Shanghai's Ears

The three series and six products will be presented at the Shanghai International Lighting and Audio Exhibition in 2019.

Shanghai International Lighting and Audio Exhibition will lock in the forefront of industry development, and many excellent performing equipment enterprises will participate in the exhibition. This time, Tipsy will bring new products to the exhibition. The design of the exhibition booth, which gathers the efforts of artists, hopes to provide you with more diverse and high-quality experience.
(Details of the content of the exhibition, to be updated after the end of the review)

Tipsy < booth number: N1B66

Date of the exhibition:
October 10-October 12, 2019 09:30-17:00
October 13, 2019 09:30-15:30

Pavilion Address:
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
(No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China)

Primitive Sensibility, Enjoy Pure Sound

Tipsy's new product this season, together with artists Chen Rui and Shuinic, is inspired by the artist's understanding of sound. They believe that sound is a unique frequency. They believe that the emotion of frequency can be transformed into vision by means of techniques. They choose the style of abstract ink-splashing to create a mysterious artistic conception and strive to return to the most primitive. Sensibility, enjoy the purest sound.

 RayChina's well-known cross-border artists, the president of Shenzhen Xinrui Art and Culture Association, Tipsy #co-founder. He is good at cross-border artistic creation in different categories. He believes that there are laws of beauty in cosmic things. He excavates and integrates them to form a new language.

ShuinicSenior illustrator, who has been engaged in CG illustration for many years, has returned to solid painting in recent years. Only by using abstract ink-splashing method can he freely and truly express his mind.

Pre-sale is about to open, keep an eye on me

DUNMER PRO/DUNMER S will be on sale at Shanghai International Lighting and Audio Exhibition on October 10
For more information, please continue to pay attention to the public number push of "microphone"

PRO Series Pre-sale Price 1*99
Top 50 Buyers Gift Tipsy Fine Receiving Box


We are committed to excellence in technology
At the same time, it combines bold and cutting-edge design.
Super-high level workmanship brings you Hand Made texture

"Microtinea" is a pleasure that is hard to explain scientifically.
She hides in every form of Art
I hope our products can interpret music at the same time
Accompanying you with "micro-tinea"


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