[Tipsy]Review of Hong Kong Advanced Audiovisual Ex


Audiovisual Exhibition, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 09-11 August 2019
TipsyEars / Microphone team carries new products and products with new calorie levels in 2019
Share and participate in audiovisual exhibitions with friends from all over the world and Hong Kong

In the corner of the exhibition area:


Show area surprise:

During the exhibition, Tipsy microphone not only brought the very familiar model products, but also the unexpected harvest was that members of Kolor band from Hong Kong also came to the exhibition area to support Tipsy microphone, which brought a hot wave moment to the exhibition site.
Tipsy微醺 & Kolor Exhibition Site

Microphobia display:

Tipsy microphone carries products to Hong Kong, including:
This year's high-calorie Dummer Night Elf series, with its monitor-level design, 1000-yuan configuration, entry-level price, can isolate about 26 dB of external environmental noise, etc., the most surprising thing is that mobile phones can also be easily promoted! Let the public also enter the world of musicians to enjoy listening.

At the same time, the Tipsy Custom Series "TS5-S" with balanced "commander" highly praised also flashed in front of you, which won a lot of favor and support from airline friends and Hong Kong friends at the exhibition.

There is no doubt that:

I believe that for Tipsy's slightly depressed old airline friends,
Dunmer Night Elves and TS Custom Series are familiar sounds and figures.
The participation in the audiovisual exhibition also included
TIPSY Microtine New Ring Iron Unit Series, First Appeared in the Exhibition

At present, the new series is being tested in the user group of professional musicians.
The final details and listing time will be released after the internal test.
Please keep abreast of the latest information on Tipsy's microphobia.

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