TipsyEars joins the Mongolian metal

Jiubao Band A Metal Band with Mongolian Style

Jiubao Band was formed in 2011. It is a band composed of several Mongolian rock music fans. At first, they held several performances in Beijing, and the response was good. Later, the Jiubao band began to appear abroad. Every time they performed, they could explode the scene and push the atmosphere to a climax.

Jiubao's music is quite different from that of other metal bands in China.
Their creation is more centered on national tunes and rhythm, with the integration of metal music.
The unimaginable way of playing presents a new element of Mongolian metal music, showing the pure characteristics of national rock music.

"Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor Ten Zhangs Bronze Mouth", released by Jiubao in 2012, topped the Chinese rock and roll gold list, ranked the top three in a week's selection, and was highly praised by Metal Apocalyptica, a British metal network media, with a score of 4.5.

In 2013, Jiubao won the annual championship of the Wacken Open Air China Selection Competition of the World-class Metal Music Festival. He went to Germany to attend the Wacken Open-air Music Festival. In November, the band toured many places with its second album, Jiubao, and won the Best Newcomer Award of the 2013 Chinese Rock and Roll Fan Flute Award.

Because Jiubao has a different personality and style from conventional rock music, Jiubao has received a very hot response abroad.
The band is often invited to perform at the world's top music festivals, which proves the strength of Jiubao Band!

On the World Tour of Jiubao Band in 2019
Tipsy headphones officially joined the Jiubao Array, and Jiubao Band was agitated on every exciting stage.


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