They use this way to verify right and wrong!

“Microphonic Musician Program 

The TS5 Custom series is supported by many professional musicians, musicians and artists.,

The newest optimization scheme of frequency response curve and sound was born.

The initiation of the "Microphonic Musician Program" is now officially closed!

Day alternates with night

The success of "Ninety-ninety-one Difficulty" has awakened the best timbre positioning of TS series of microphone.

To meet the needs of more roles, we will divide the final model into:

TS-5STS-5BTwo paragraph

(S is the standard monitoring curve and B is the bass enhancement curve.)


Special thanks to those who participated in this project:

Microphonic Musicians Program:

(Tipsy Microphone User Book)

Jamie Wilson

From Australia, he is the guitarist of many famous Uranus stars and first-line singers concerts in China; Wang Leehom's guitar imperial tutor



Model:TS-5S  (J.W Custom)

Lerod Cailao

From the Philippines; drummer of many front-line singers'concerts in China; drummer of Zhang Xueyou and Lin Junjie's concerts.



Model:TS-5B (L.C Custom)

What I like about it is its low-frequency response. Its voice is so full and powerful that it doesn't cover up the other bands. It doesn't affect the clarity of other instruments at all. It makes me feel more comfortable on the stage because I know that on the stage, only a few adjustments on the balance can make my drums full of low-frequency drummer Lerod. Cailao

Wang Peng

From China;WFD(World Fastest Drumer)

The world's fastest drummer, Yang Zongwei, Royal Drummer of Deer Hao;



Model:TS-5B  (W.P Custom)

Tipsy has been very interested in this brand since I got it. The design details of the bag are very exquisite and it is equipped with airline headset package.I use a 5-unit 3-frequency design, comfortable to wear, even if wearing for a long time work discomfort is relatively reduced.It improves the clarity of rhythmic instruments and makes the selection of frequency band more humane.This allows me to accurately and calmly do a good job in every concert, recording work. Thank you Tipsy! - Drummer Wang Peng

DereK Kwan

From Hong Kong, China; Professional Recorder, Mixer Lecturer; Royal Recorder Zhang Jingxuan, Avon Recording Studio Design Consultant;


Kevin Liang

From China; Professional tuner; Von citizen, mechanical lazy cat, hourglass tour tuner; Miniflute syllable tuner;



As a tuner, the need for ear-return monitoring is very simple and complex, bass dyeing, high resolution, high isolation ability, ts-5 perfectly meets my needs - PA tuner Kevin Liang

Left and Right Bands

From China; A New Force in Chinese Nu-Metal Music, Representative Works: Around You, Last Age, etc.



Model:TS-5S、TS-5B   Left and Right Bands Custom

"Technology + User Requirements = Microphone Concept"

Why Start the "Microphonic Musician Program"

The answer is:

Although the microphone team was born in the field of professional audio,

But for making a product,

It needs more reverse thinking.

In this way, users can get the best use experience.

So we invite them with the highest listening needs.

Join in the development of headphones.

Start with the plan

We keep making samples of headphones and changing plans.

They even went thousands of miles to their performances and felt the whole process of using headphones with them.

These feedback
It is of great significance to us.

At present, the "Microphonic Musician Program" has been recognized and supported by professionals from all walks of life.

TIPSY TS series is finally debugged and officially launched!

Chen RuiRay

TS-5S Custom

Chinese cross-border artist; one of the rare handpan performers in China


Luo Bin

TS-5S Custom

Shenzhen, China; Professional studio drummer, Vibe band drummer, and "Lei Lei" Royal drummer for the tour in 2019

Chen Hongyu

TS-5S Custom

Mainland China folk song male singer; representative works "Song of the Road", "Tree of Early Spring" and so on

Chun-Yi Lee

TS-5S Custom

Chinese mainland actors and singers; representative work "Foreign Daughters-in-law, Local Lang" as Kang Tianxuan, etc.

Tipsy TS5 Custom

Today, the brand new Tipsy TS series has been put on sale.

(Beginning Price 5299)

Order preferential activities: the top 100 users can get 8.5% discount, as well as life-long quality assurance services!

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