“"Microphonic musicians"”

To unveil this drummer from China who won the world's fastest drummer in WFD

He is ...

Wang Peng

Graduated from Berkeley Conservatory of Music

WFD(World Fastest Drumer)世界最快鼓手

brief introductionSolo I:


Japanese Pearl Drum Global Artist

Files Radium Artist

Concert drummer, percussion player

Recording drummer


Judges of American Competition Area of New Chinese Songs

Jinggumen "Practical Practice" Network Course Teacher

Participating in the compilation of a book on the Social Grade Examination of Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Being good at playing style involves:EDM、Fusion、Pop、Rock、R&B、Jazz、Latin等



Lu Hao, Wu Yifan, Chen Weiting, Yuan Yawei, Hu Yanbin, Zhou Bichang, Deng Ziqi, Song Qi, Yang Zongwei and Yuquan、Panta.Q、Yu Jiayun、Dennis chambers、Victor wooten等


To serve as:

Drummer of Yang Zongwei's New York Concert "The World Is Small" in 2018

Luhan RE:X Chinese Tour Drummer in 2018

Participated in recording the next legend of Oriental Satellite Television in 2018 (Voice of the Chinese Dream) as a drummer and percussion musician

drummer:Wang Peng

Drummer:Wang Peng

简历Solo II:

Wang Peng was born in 1993

3-year-old began to touch the drum shelf

Mr. Zhang Jing, a teacher in 2002

13-year-old signing Philes cymbals

15-year-old 60 seconds break the world record

The highest personal record:

Single clickSingle stroke:1207次

(A maximum of 28 records per second)

China Tour Started at the Age of 18

Gradually becoming a new force of modern Chinese music

Afterwards, he was admitted to Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States and received professional certification level 7.

Winning the World's Fastest Drummer Championship in Tennessee in 2014

Successful Pearl Drum Global Contracted Artists at NAMM SHOW Exhibition in Los Angeles, USA in 2015

Subsequently participate:

Sun Beatzz's China Tour "Love, Belief" and Senti-Ace's China Tour in 2015

Sun Beatzz's China Tour "Listen, Speak" in 2016

Wang Peng, King of Speed, China Tour Teacher Lecture, 2017

Yang Zongwei's New York Concert "The World Is Small" in 2018, Deer Fei RE: X China Tour, Next Legend (Voice of China), etc.

"Microphonic Musician" & WFD World's Fastest Drummer

In the year of 2019, we have a good year together with Mr. Wang Peng.

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TIPSY Tiny & Drummer Wang Peng:




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