Jacky Cheung's Concert Tour Drummer Lerod Cailao a

Lerod Cailao
a young jazz musician from the Philippines

Lerod Cailao
Jazz drum musician
Lin Junjie's Royal Drummer

Zhang Xueyou will lead drummer in 2018 [A Classic Tour Classic World Tour]

Tipsy / Tipsy appeared in the classic World Tour Concert of Zhang Xueyou A Classic Tour.

In the early stages of the concert as scheduled,In the process of making headphones for musicians and musicians, In addition to the basic design of eardrum and fuselage art,Voice is also personalized,Cooperate with musicians, artists, singers, personal needs of sound, timbre pursuit and auditory habits,Debug the sound that suits their needs.

In addition to personal eardrums and appearance design, Tipsy can also customize sound and achieve customized headphones in a real sense.

Tipsy after many discussions and understanding with musicians,Ultimately, earphones are customized for musicians.In terms of the expressive power of sound curve, the musicians express great satisfaction and love.

It is also worn at the world tour of the[A Classic Tour].

Tipsy/Slightly tipsy:

Tipsy Super Series 5 Moving Iron Units

Headphone users:Lerod Cailao 

(Artist Customization Certificate)

Review of L.C rehearsal for concert:

Zhang Xueyou's wonderful concert tour

First evaluation of TIPSY from L.C circle of friends

L.C. Post-use evaluation of TIPSY:

"After several discussions and correction, the timbre is satisfied.After the use of TS-5B in live performance, the stability and performance of TS-5B in live performance are proved to be excellent."

The customization engineering of sound curve has a high technical difficulty. In addition to rich experience in the design of electronic components, it also needs accurate sound judgment ability and experience in the use of sound application scenarios

Tipsy:The sound engineer of this production

Masan, the founder of Tipsy microphone

(Former Director of Audio Recording, Shenzhen Concert Hall)

Kevin Liang

China Development Project Manager of a British Mixer Brand

Stage Tuner of Shenzhen New Year Miniflute Playing and Singing in 2018

MONITOR Tuner on Street Sound Stage of Hangzhou West Lake Music Festival 2018

Band: Von citizen, mechanical lazy cat, hourglass tour tuner

Tipsy Super 5 moving iron unit

(Lerod Cailiao Custom)

Special thanks:


FIRCE  Cymbal

Moriyun customized headphone wire

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