The 14th Annual Hi-Fi Festival of Shenzhen Fever C

The Hi-Fi Festival of 2018, the 14th Shenzhen Headphone Fever Party, officially set sail at Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Shenzhen on July 8 and ended smoothly. Yesterday, the festival welcomed friends from Shenzhen and all over the world. Because everybody here is an enthusiast!

"TIPSY / Microphobia" is also very happy to invite all music and audio enthusiasts, media and manufacturers to gather at Sheraton Greater China Hotel to share the event and support for Tipsy.
Tipsy thanks the organizers of this grand gathering: @Thunder Audio &@Small Dot Audio

The theme of the activity continues the spirit of public welfare in the past years: "Happy to carry Tao, donate books to help students", and do not make any commercial profits.
Again, we appeal to the participants of this gathering to help a poor middle school in remote areas of Guangdong, "Leizhou Passenger Road Secondary School" collect books with an idle book (please try to provide extracurricular reading materials suitable for secondary education, refuse to accept damaged, erotic and other bad books), to add bricks and tiles to the library of the donated school, in the hair. When it comes to pleasure, it bears a responsibility of charity and humanity.

[Looking back at the scene]

In addition to continuing the spirit of public welfare and expressing gratitude, the organizers and all the co-sponsors decided to provide the opportunity for book-contributing enthusiasts to draw rich prizes.

One of the party prizes:

Tipsy microphone customized headphones: LAVA "lava" V2 In-Ear Headphones (1699)

1. On the grand occasion:

2. Tipsy exhibition area:


I've been ready for a long time, waiting for the "bosom friend" to enter ing..................

3. TIPSY "Person-seeking Notice":


Hello. Is that you? Please come out!

4. TIPSY series live shooting


Static close-ups

Balanced "Commander" TS5 five-unit movable iron headset

5. Brother, your 3-level backpack is good. You are sure to eat chicken heels. The sound of footsteps nearby is clear. Take me flying!


7.8 The 14th Annual Hi-Fi Festival of Shenzhen Fever Club was successfully completed
Thank you for coming, supporting the festival and supporting Tipsy / Tipsy
Next time, we will meet again and look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you again for the organizer @Ray Audio &@Small Dot Audio

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