We are Tipsy Lava V2 on the hot side

Domestic brands have a certain status and reputation in the whole HIFI circle in recent years. It is not like that foreign brands occupy an absolute dominant position in the past few years. What we want to say today is a newly created national brand, Weili. Microtinia may have some popularity in some small circles, because the brand often participates in some festivals and exhibitions, and the voice is dominated by the tuner MASAN of Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Today I'm going to introduce you to this Tipsy brand introductory earplug, Lava V2 (hereinafter referred to as Lava). The official introduction is "passionate Lava", and the voice is really as passionate as the official positioning.

The outer package adopts pull-up design, which is also a more conventional design method for this price headset. It is simple and convenient. Slogan on the cover is a reverse printing, slightly distinctive, may be to show you some of the brand's uniqueness. The package contains two pairs of memory sponge sleeves and two pairs of silica gel sleeves, and one product description. Interestingly, there is also a copper nameplate as a souvenir. Each one has its own number. It took a little care.

When I did not look closely at Lava's cavity, I thought it was all red, but after careful observation, I found that it was also mixed with a trace of gold powder, the cavity felt very smooth, polished well, very round.

Even for the entry-level model, Lava still uses a 1000-yuan price-level cable changeable design, the more common 0.78 pins, there are 0.78 upgrade line enthusiasts if they want to upgrade, do not need to buy a Tipsy dedicated line.

The front-end choice is DX150 (with amp6 amplifier card) - the iPhone, when the voice is opened, it will be a little more and a little tight with the Lava low frequency under the iPhone, but it does not affect the medium and high frequencies. Normal listening + cooking for about a week, the previously tense low frequency has become much more loose, or even loose. Lava's characteristics in the low and medium frequency, with the same price "quality flow" earplug style is still quite different. Most of the earphones that have heard this price in the past will make their voices more sharp, which makes people feel that "this earphone has a good analysis, and a lot of details are suddenly filled in the ears". It will make people feel that the upgrade is very "worth" and one ear is raised.

But Lava did the opposite, with no abrupt details, no too sharp voice, and emphasized a "charm" as a whole, emphasizing the atmosphere and the sense of music. Especially the strong "nylon flavor" of classical guitar and the strong resonance of male singers are all treated very interesting and full of charm. But after listening carefully for a period of time, we will find that Lava's quality is not bad. There is a feeling of "thin in thick", that is, the whole enthusiastic voice, but it should be fine. Festival, none of them falls.

When listening to Liang Fan's "A Chu Girl" singing, it is obvious that the low frequency of microphone will be dirty and muddy, and the knot image is large. At the same time, in order to adapt to the large area of the low frequency, some special adjustments have been made for the middle and low frequency parts, so that the low and medium frequency parts can be slowed down. The overtone in the low frequency part will surround the whole sound background, creating a strong "residual sound" in the atmosphere. In the mid-frequency part, the voice is more "flavor". In order to avoid the fault between mid-frequency and low-frequency, the mid-frequency tuning is thicker and stronger. Compared with female voice, it is more suitable for the interpretation of male voice.

However, the high-frequency performance of the headphones is not gorgeous. The same is for the integrity of the overall three-frequency, in high frequency, the brightness is general, without sharp details, will be more sharp high frequency still do slightly thick, just like a warm, soft wife. I believe that after reading the above, we can also know that micro-tincture is not a high-quality and sharp style. On the contrary, it means "HUFI". But it also makes Lava very warm and durable.

For a new brand, the first product is just the beginning of opening the brand reputation. The unique trend of tuning makes it have a high voice recognition at this price. But hearing also varies from person to person. If Lava likes to listen to ACG for a certain price-performance ratio, female drug addicts will not recognize it, but if this thing is given to listeners'voice, taste, electronic and rock enthusiasts will certainly be able to get unanimous approval. If Lava V2 is a kind of wine, I think it's more appropriate to compare it to Scotch whiskey. It's a bit heavy to sniff peat before the entrance. The taste is very smooth after the entrance. The taste of the latter part is even slightly sweet, which makes people want to stop.

参考售价:1699 元

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