Tipsy Super 9(Public Model)

4-way 4-conduit hybrid monitor headphones, super bass and large diameter moving coil, more surging bass, built-in three switches to adjust the tone, customized for the artist

 DRIVER:  Knowles31736 complex,Knowles29689 complex,
 Sonion33ap complex,Sonion33aj complex,8mm graphene moving coil
 IMPEDANCE: 20-25 Ohm@1 kHz
 SENSITIVITY: 115db@1 kHz
 DISTORTION:0.3%@1 kHz
 NOISE ISOLATION: -26 dB +/- 2  
 INPUT CONNECTOR: 1/8" (3.5 mm) Gold Plated Jack 

 CABLE: 2-core oxygen-free copper, 2-pin, detachable, ear wired

 PRICE:Public model 9380;Private model 9980

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