LAVA V2(Upgraded version)

The Enthusiastic

DRIVER: N52NdFeB double magnetic circuit double cavity moving coil
IMPEDANCE: 32Ohm @ 1 kHz 
SENSITIVITY: 105db @ 1 kHz 
DISTORTION:<3% @ 1 kHz   
NOISE ISOLATION: -25 dB +/- 2  
INPUT CONNECTOR: 1/8" (3.5 mm) Gold Plated Jack 
CABLE: Silver-plated Copper in Guhe, Japan,2 needles,Removable,Hanging ear thread

- Product details -
The Enthusiastic "Lava",have infinite appeal!

Light customized headphones

Match with original high purity oxygen-free copper 4-strand braided yarn,

Selection of 8 Upgrading Lines

To a certain extent, we have saved our second investment.

"Lava" has a wide range of applications,

Whether it's big format or pure voice.

No one can pick any flaws out of it,Equilibrium, Bright, Cohesive.