Evaluation | ARS V01 reduces the burden on ears

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  This article is from the "KuAn APP" applet, author: Lao Ba eats a hamburger.

      I recently stumbled upon a new joint true wireless headset produced by the monitor headset brand Tipsy. The price is 199 yuan. A brand that specializes in monitor headsets has released a wireless Bluetooth headset. How will its performance in all aspects, especially the sound quality, perform? ? Let's unpack the box first.

   [Packaging and accessories]


Outer packaging
The outer packaging is white overall, the quality of the box is good, and it is relatively strong. The appearance of the 3D-effect raised earphone is printed in the picture.

Back of the package
The back of the package is an introduction to the parameters, including "spatial acoustics, wide sound field", as a "HIFI person" I am more curious about its performance

Open the top cover
The packaging box is designed for the heaven and earth cover. When you open the upper cover, you can see a layer of cards and instructions. The lower layer is the earphone body. The earphone and the charging compartment are separated, and the lower end is the box with the charging cable.