Fan Kun,on-site investigation and inspection to Ha

On December 30th, Fan Kun, Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and his entourage visited Shenguangying Group. Huang Zhuojun, Chairman of Shenguangying Group, Du Mengxin, Secretary-General of Chunyu Fund, and Li Weijia, founder and CEO of Heyin Technology, accompanied them throughout the process.

At the meeting, Liu Zhaonan, the administrative manager of Shenzhen Guangying Group, first reported on the group's main work for poverty alleviation in 2019-2020, introduced the China Concentric Warmth Project-Chunyu Fund on the vocational training of helping the army and farmers, the development of public welfare projects such as the targeted poverty alleviation in Zhaotong, Yunnan and the home of workers in the Nanyue community. Li Weijia, the founder and CEO of Hayin Technology, explained in detail the layout of the creative park, the enterprises stationed in the park, the operation and management of the park, and the outlook for future development.

Chairman Huang Zhuojun put forward the idea of supporting the training and reemployment of national-level retired athletes on the vocational training project of the Chunyu Fund of the China Concentric Warmth Project. He said that retired athletes have given their youth for the glory of the country, and they often face difficulties in reemployment after retiring. Chunyu Fund adheres to the tenet of "make the unemployed have a career, and make those who have a career happy", has always been thinking about how to coordinate and promote the development of vocational skills training for this group to assist them in reemployment. It is hoped that Shenguangying Group and Shenzhen China Vocational Education Society will further strengthen communication and actively promote cooperation in relevant areas.

Fan Kun, Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, congratulated Huang Zhuojun, Chairman of Shenguangying Group for winning the "Best Charity Partner Award for the 25th Anniversary of the Implementation of the China Warm Project" in his speech. It is believed that Shenguangying chooses accurate, pragmatic and effective projects through supporting vocational education and dedicating poverty alleviation. He pointed out that it is necessary to further promote the spirit of love and dedication to help the poor and actively participate in targeted poverty alleviation. Encourage more companies to participate in public welfare, promote employment and industry, and contribute to society through the development of vocational education. He also suggested that Shenguangying Group leverage its project advantages in serving vocational education and public welfare undertakings, exploring the vocational training and employment of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao youths to serve the construction of the Bay Area.

▲ The head of the secretariat of Shenzhen China Vocational Education Society participated in the survey

Afterwards, Executive Vice Minister Fan Kun and his entourage visited the Creative Park and "Hayin Technology". During the exchange, Li Weijia introduced 3D printing technology with independent intellectual property rights, Binaural surround sound technology and new achievements in the development of portable audio equipment. Li Weijia also mentioned that the Creative Park has stationed in many outstanding enterprises and cultural and creative institutions, and in the future, we will strive to build a cultural and creative base integrating "technology + culture + service + platform", Deputy Minister Fan Kun fully affirmed, and hopes to create and produce more works and products that can spread the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

Through this inspection and exchange activity, Huang Zhuojun, chairman of Shenguangying Group, said that the social responsibility and work significance of the China Concentric Warmth Project Chunyu Fund have been more clarified. Shenguangying Group believes that public welfare is an important symbol of social civilization and progress, the development of an enterprise is inseparable from the support of the society, giving back to the society is an entrepreneur's due feelings and responsibility. In the future, through the platform of China Vocational Education Society, we will do more good and practical things in a down-to-earth manner, is the long-cherished wish of the group, it is also the purpose of the "Spring Rain Fund". In the future, Shenguangying Group will actively fulfill its social responsibilities while doing the company's main business, and make more contributions to the field of public welfare.

Said Li Weijia, Shenzhen Hayin technology company,participating in this exchange and inspection activity has made him clarify the sense of social responsibility that a technology company should have, while developing new products and technologies, it has both functions and cultural communication attributes, make products that serve the public, and make products that can spread excellent traditional culture. In the future, companies will focus on the research and development of more excellent technology products with practicality and cultural communication attributes.