Tipsy®Dunmmer Won the first prize of Japan's e-ear

E-earphone is the largest and most professional headphone dealer in Japan. After tipsy's dunmmer night elf dynamic headphones were put on the shelves of e-earphone, with good sound performance, it beat Shure se215spe and Sennheiser ie40pro in the category of earphones of 10000 yen, and won the first place in the recommended list.

In recent years, new brands of earphones have been established and risen in the field of electronic products. As a brand that has stepped into the public view from the recording studio, tipsy micro tipsy earphone was created in the hands of a group of musicians and artists. Naturally, its brand significance is very different from that of traditional manufacturers, because only they can really understand what we want, so whether it comes from appearance or from beauty, we can see that the brand of tipsy micro tipsy earphone is a brand that has entered the public view from the studio The tuning styles are all of their own, and have a good reputation in the circle of music lovers.

[unpacking and product details]

The packaging of night elf is very similar to the design of gift box, and it is very suitable to give it as a gift to the beautiful woman. Items in the box:
1. Night elf headset
2. Headphone cable
3. Earmuff (3 pairs of silicone cover, 1 pair of memory sponge cover)
4. Storage bag
5. Wipe cloth
6. Instruction card

[inspiration seeds in the dark night]
Light customized earphone, with original high-purity silver plated copper 8-strand braided wire, carbon fiber hardware accessories.
Dunmer uses a conventional 0.78 socket, and its wide compatibility enables you to match various third-party cables, but I think the original wire is enough.


The panel of the earphone looks like a natural shell. The surface is smooth and translucent. All the textures are sunk under the transparency. The beauty is excellent, but it is easier to get oil stains. Therefore, a wiping cloth is provided with the product to keep the earphone as new for a long time.

It is worth mentioning that dunmer's cavity is purely hand-made. Each earphone has been carefully polished by hand, so the details and workmanship are perfect.

In terms of listening sense, it combines stage monitoring, live interpretation and popular vocal music style together to get a good sound with both quality and listening sense. Finally return to the price, the price of 799 yuan is very valuable, if you like, you might as well have a try, change into a complimentary sponge cover and surprise!

Oriveti primacy key specifications
Unit type: 9.2mm moving coil
Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
Impedance: 32ohms @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity: 105dB @ 1 kHz
Input interface: 1 / 8 "(3.5mm)
Wire control: 2 pins, 1.2m detachable ear line
Accessories: earplug, memory sponge, portable case
Selling price: ¥ 799 yuan

We are committed to excellence in technology
At the same time, combined with bold and cutting-edge design
Super high level of craftsmanship gives you hand made texture
"Slight drunkenness" is a kind of pleasure which is hard to explain scientifically
She is hidden in every form of art
We hope our products can interpret music at the same time
Accompany you to "slightly drunk"


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