[Tipsy]An uneasy and angry mood.kolor Return after

Everyone needs a place to vent.
At this time, Kolor returned to the "Initialness Live 2019" concert at Macpherson Stadium every three years.
Really become a group of hot-blooded young people vent their unhappy export, go onstage and offstage, use rock and roll to inspire themselves and refuel for Hong Kong.

It's Kolor who inspires himself and refuels Hong Kong with rock and roll, and at the same time
TIPSY Weiling also fully supports Kolor music.
Support Kolor's "Initialness Live 2019" Concert with Sound Technology

Live Photography of Kolor [Initialness 2019] Concert

At the [Initialness 2019] concert,
Kolor is accustomed to using the stage floor monitor. This time, the four sons want to try to be cleaner and quieter on the stage.
The band adopted the In Ear Monitor system.

1.主唱&吉他 SAMMY Custom

2.吉他手ROBIN Custom

3.低音吉他 高耀丰 Custom

4.鼓手MICHAEL Custom

About Tipsy Microtinia TS5 Custom:
The TS5 Custom series has been supported by many professional musicians, musicians and artists since 2018.
Updated the latest frequency response curve and sound optimization scheme.

TS-5STS-5B Two paragraph
(S is the standard monitoring curve and B is the bass enhancement curve)

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