[Reproduced] Music is prominent, TIPSY headphone e


Occasionally, while browsing the Chigo platform, I saw this Tipsy headphone, its appearance, color and line design, which is the most sullen "black widow" in the earphone industry. It completely overturned and ignited my desire for the concept of headphones, and then I was lucky to get this headphone.

After consulting some Tipsy data, we found that Tipsy headphones are made by a group of music engineers (recorder, mixer, composer), and are the brand of headphones coming out of the studio. "If music is your dream, in fact, you can do a lot of things in favor of music, because it will be a good process! I believe that every person who loves music has followed the melody of music, closed his eyes, reached a place you want to go, met a person who makes your heart miss, even got rid of oppression and cried for freedom. This is Tipsy's words, but also touched my heart, the ultimate meaning of human life is not more and more freedom?

Tipsy was also invited to participate in what he considered to be the most Utopian Music Festival in China, "China Mini Music Festival" and set up a live audition of TIPSY brand space X, all of which attracted me to experience TIPSY moving coil

    Appearance Design

The packaging of the headphones is simple, with a sticker of Geogo net on the front. There is a label on the front. Key words: hand-made, microtincture.
TIPSY is translated into Chinese as drunk; caused by drunkenness; unstable; skewed, translated as "slight intoxication" has more artistic conception.

Pull out the box to see the package and accessories, as well as the number of bronze medals, because TIPSY movable coil headphones are not mass produced, so it has a certain collection value.

Accessories in the box:
1. TIPSY Moving Coil Earphone
2. Numbered bronze medals
3. Sponge sleeve and silica gel sleeve
4. Manual Warranty Card
5. Headphone jack adapter

TIPSY movable coil earphone is based on the data of ear database model, and the most suitable model for customized earphone is selected. It not only has the appearance characteristics of customized headphones, but also meets the high requirements of sound quality.

This one in my hand is called lava red, dark red as the main color. The logo brand is a gold font. This unique innovative technology is characterized by its professional headphones and jewelry wearing. Adhere to the integration of appearance coating forming process. Appearance technology can achieve as beautiful and natural as amber jade.


The N52 Nd-Fe-B unit is built into the shell and is designed with a dual-magnetic double-chamber structure. This brand of magnet can bring high sound density, which can only be seen in high-end moving coil headphones.


TIPSY movable coil earphone uses cable CABLE: 2 pins, which can be disassembled and earwires hanging.

Tipsy's headphone cable uses a rich color mix. The use of soft shielding material greatly reduces the stethoscope effect and also reduces the trouble of wire knotting. High playability and sufficient upgrade space. The music style of headphones can be changed by changing wires and original parts.


There is also a speaker adapter specially prepared for professional musicians. It can be used as the monitor of studio engineers, the ear return monitor of live stage singers, the compiler to monitor the details of note editing and so on, so that the most authentic and detailed sound can be perfectly restored and transmitted to the ear. You can see the intention and professionalism of this headset.

Superior technology in product research and development:

  • Using professional stage personal monitor earphone mould and excellent ergonomic design;

  • Multi-unit movable iron drive, with higher sensitivity and more stable frequency response, plays a higher sound playback performance;

  • Combining with the patented technology of graphene and Al-Fe-B earphone unit, the current intensity is accurately controlled to achieve excellent sound quality performance. From the response test, the graphene diaphragm performs very smoothly in the range of 20 Hz bass and 20 KHz bass.

  • Unique patent wearing methods, whether it is stage performance, outdoor sports, daily leisure, can let you deal with calmly.


Personal subjective hearing

I personally enjoy listening to a wide range of music. Popularity, rock and roll, folk songs and metals are all being heard. When I first used this headset, I always felt that it had a stereo around your head, neck and chest. After several times of use, there will still be the kind of "Uh-huh-is this sound coming from the ear?" A sense of doubt. It feels like you're surrounded by a portable live house. It's as pleasant as being on the music scene.


Personally, I think this headset is more comfortable in the experience of using live music like rock ballad and has a more live atmosphere. Listen to the irrevocable band's "She" which lives in the rock and roll folk circle. The voice clarity is more prominent, the vocal knot is normal, and the tone is more "wet" in terms of tone embellishment. Like the lead singer's voice line, which is full of Psychedelic emotions, TIPSY movable coil headphones are still in place.


Finally, we are putting on some pictures of real people wearing headphones. Let's see that the color is not fussy or explosive.



TIPSY headphones are designed as a fashion jewelry with personalized workmanship and design elements, positioning fashion and art. In terms of professionalism, the most basic daily music entertainment, TIPSY also achieves the technology and height that ordinary earphones can not do on the market; the audition of studio engineers, the audition of live stage singers, the compiler monitoring the details of note editing and so on, so that the most authentic and detailed sound can be perfectly restored to the listening ears. I think maybe this is closely related to the background of TIPSY's music creation and production. It is precisely because it is created by a group of music artists headphones, it is particularly prominent in music.