Enthusiastic Lanzhou Headphone enthusiasts gatheri

Thank you very much for the "Headphone and Chat" National Tour headphone enthusiasts gathering, so that Tipsy / microphone can quickly meet with headphone enthusiasts and headphone enthusiasts from all over the country during its embryonic period.

In addition to the first professional moving coil headphones (LAVA, OASIS, FORZEN), Tipsy's new product TS series of professional moving iron headphones, coil-iron hybrid headphones, custom headphones and so on are also on display in Lanzhou Station. Talk about "with this enthusiastic city of Lanzhou.
Tipsy expressed his gratification and gratification that after the party, there were many local headphone enthusiasts and fans who contacted us on Wechat Public Number and Official Website to express their support and love for our products. I got a very good response.


The city of Lanzhou impressed me with four simple words: "Warmth and hospitality."

First of all, I would like to thank the alpaca for its great invitation and support to this gathering. At the same time, I also confirm the words of Uncle Li. To some non-first-tier cities, the Friends'Club is very welcome. Lanzhou is such a city. There is no store promoting hifi culture and no comprehensive gathering. I am gratified that the group built up by this gathering can also serve as a platform for regular exchanges and gatherings. Ten roses were prepared for the party for the female enthusiasts, and they were sent to the end of the party...

t is customary to talk about some of the new products at this gathering, which are also the concerns of many backstage enthusiasts.
NF4u's nomenclature recently released by NF audio has changed from "earth" to "Lolita", which is closer to its ACG tuning style. It is true that ACG and Lolita are not separated. Of course, NF4u has a good command of ACG's initial sound, unlike some earplugs with ACG tuning, which blindly pursue stimulation, the high frequency of NF4u is obviously there. Modified, the sweetness of the voice is just right. Several enthusiasts who like ACG style at the scene feel very good.


After TFZ's representative model King comes out, the route is becoming clearer and clearer. It can be seen that the subsequent model analysis is very strong in the same price level. This time, the definition of Queen should be King's replacement version. Because it's Queen, women always like to dress up more, so you can see that screw on Queen panel is not used to adjust the voice style, but used to change the panel later. It feels very in line with Queen's settings.


Qdc chameleon V3 and V6 are also the highlights of this gathering. After Neptune sold out of stock on the pro-people pricing route, V3 was launched as a small chameleon. V3 and qdc3 are the same configuration, but they have the same four voice style adjustments as chameleon V6. They are very playable and suitable for enthusiasts who like tossing. It is worth mentioning that chameleon V3 is one of the few plugs that I have seen in the three-unit movable iron that are good at low frequencies. But the most attractive version this time is the qdc8live version.

  Tipsy is a brand that we should be familiar with. Masan, the tuner of Shenzhen Concert Hall, makes the brand. Tipsy's plug sound is basically neutral, elegant and natural. Wearing and facial value are also relatively high. However, at present, it is only a small-scale trial production, the effect of powder absorption on site is very high, and the products after mass production are expected.~


After the latest firmware release of iBasso's dx150, it has attracted much attention. The price of 3000 can be marked with AMP6 more comprehensive amplifier card, taking into account 2.5 and 3.5 headphones, and the coaxial output has not been cut off. This is more conscientious. The coaxial output is directly connected to the Yulong Eagle with its own coaxial line. The direct output is very convenient.

 The three brands Westone, 64 AUDIO and Acoustune (this is a new Japanese brand) brought by Thinking Group. Westone is also a UM series, which improves the workmanship and improves the sound quality. Both U18 and Tian Fourte of 64 do not explain much. Acoustune's HS1500 model has attracted many enthusiasts. The low-frequency atmosphere is also very good. Although it's a 3000-unit single-action coil, the enthusiasts still have a high performance-price ratio. 

Wait a minute, wait a minute.


Next month's party: Chengdu Station. No accident should be 23 or 24~
See the public number for details, usually 7 to 10 days in advance.

Finally, I would like to thank all the enthusiasts who are here for their support and all the brands who provide equipment for auditing.~

Finally, Tipsy again
Thank you for the original "Miscellaneous Talk Jun"
Thank you for the "Headphones and Chat" party
Thank you for the support of headphone enthusiasts and fans in Lanzhou Station.
More activities, more information about Tipsy
Looking forward to meeting you one after another.
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